• TurboLog V4 supported

    TurboLog V4.11 has been released and put online today (19/04/2015). It can be loaded from: Turbolog4 is shareware and now fully supports the ARS-USB. Rotor Control is fully integrated and can be done either manually or automatically. Thanks Alwin DJ9KG for an excellent job!
  • Customer satisfaction


    Our greatest satisfaction comes from reading the positive feedback we receive from our Antenna Rotator System (ARS) customers.


    At the website you can find a wealth of opinions about almost any product or service related to the amateur radio hobby. There you will find honest and very insightful opinions from people such as yourself, the final users of the products.

    We have enjoyed reading the comments we have received over the last 18 years. These comments fuel our desire to keep building and improving ARS and to keep working hard to maintain only the highest level of customer satisfaction.

    If you are satisfied with the product, we encourage you to visit the ARS page at:

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